Alice Neale

As a child, London based fashion photographer Alice Neale used to photograph herself.
“Just to have something to play with”. Later, she included her friends and other faces that sparked her interest found on her local streets.  She then decapitated them, rolling heads from one body to another, limbs chopped off and re assigned to create hybrid beings and personalities.
Telling stories through collage.

As a student at Central Saint Martins, London Alice began to work with ‘the face’ as a metaphor for her storytelling. Her eye is drawn to unknowing beauty, the strange and the sometimes awkward.

Casting is crucial to her fictional reality.  Alice shoots on analogue, manipulating her colour film to reflect the mood and response of the subject.  Sometimes haughty or aloof but always with dramatic tension, her images often subvert fashion’s language creating a series of complex layers.

She was ‘The Telegraph’ student to watch 2014 and shoots for magazines such as El Pais, Dazed and Confused, Interview Germany, Man about town and Kid's wear.